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OK, while the cheese is starting to bubble, we thought we’d give you a brief history of Leonardo’s. 1990 was when we sold our first delicious gourmet pizza. It proved to be an instant hit. That was in Burlington, Vermont. Lucky Burlington.

But then other places got lucky, too. Because we expanded into South Burlington, Vermont and Portland, Maine. Along the way, we won People’s Choice Awards and the admiration of professional food writers and Yelp reviewers alike.

And when everyone went crazy for home-baked pizzas a few years ago, we thought we’d make our sauces available to the amateurs out there. (No offense.) Since then, the Leonardo’s range of sauces and their rich, mouth-watering flavors have traveled the globe.

In fact, we…hey, something smells real good. Well, we guess your pizza’s done. Enjoy!